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Dumeril's boa housing

Dumeril's boas are hardy species. They don't require any elaborate special set-ups. They are ground dwellers, and there is no need for branches to climb.

Set-ups for babies and juveniles are the same as for other boas and ball pythons - a cold and hot end, a hiding spot and a water bowl. They can be kept on newsprint, but my substrate of choice is aspen shavings. Dumeril boas 'pee' frequently. Having a layer of paper with aspen shavings on top will make the maintenance and cleaning easier.

The cool end of the enclosure should be at about 80 F, and hot at around 95. I keep the daylight time throughout the year set at 12 hours of light and 12 hours of night, gradually decreasing it to 8 hours of daylight only in winter.

Dumeril boas are from Madagascar, where the environment can become quite humid at times. I mist my Dumeril's every other day.

Dumeril's boa enclosure
Sub-adult and adult Dumeril boas have to be kept in custom enclosures. Mine are two level cages made from melamine. The top part gets hotter in the daytime, when the light bulb is on, and the lower part is basically a Rubbermaid container playing a role of underground cave for the snake to which the snake can get through a whole cut out in the upper level's floor. It is heated from the bottom with Flexwatt heating tape connected to a thermostat.

My Dumeril boas spend their days in the bottom part, and come out to the top at night.
Dumeril's boa enclosure

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