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Dumeril's boa feeding

In captivity, all Dumeril's boas are kept exclusively on rodent diet. Starting with babies, all adults will eventually eat rats. They are first started on mice, but should be switched to rats as soon as possible. Large adults will take large and jumbo rats. These species has somewhat slow metabolism, and they can be fed only once every two weeks.

Babies can be sometimes difficult to start feeding. Most people succeed in giving them live hopper or small adult mice. Leaving a dead mice overnight in the enclosure also works. If feeding the snakes live, the rodent should never be left in the enclosure unattended. Mice and rats can be quite aggressive towards the snake, cause a serious injury or even death.
Dumeril's boa eating
Here a close-up - Dumeril's boas are very powerful constrictors:
Dumeril's boa eating

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