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Dumeril's boa basics

They are ground dwellers, they don't need branches to climb in their set-ups. Dumeril's boas are hardy species and an easy snake to keep even for a beginner. The one thing to remember though is that they can grow over 7 feet long. It doen's make them large by snake keeping standards, but they definitely don't fall in the corn snake category.

Large adults are over 20 pounds of pure muscle, and they are really strong. Like any snakes, they should be periodically handled and be used to the owner. I have never seen an aggressive Dumeril's boa and have never been bitten by one, but some individuals of these species can be quite shy and dislike to be handled.
Dumerils boa
The above snake is my adult breeding male Dumeril's boa, a bit over 7 feet long and 20 pounds. He is very strong, shy but docile. He is about 6 years old and fathered a number of healthy litters.






Dumeril boas are very attractively patterned snakes, and many peoples favorite. They used to be quite rare and expensive, but with lots of successful breeding done in North America, they became quite affordable in recent years.

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